Our design for your comfort…

You are planning a time out – over the weekend or for a longer adventure – with the aim to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable journey to your selected destination? As to say, be in a stressfree environment as well as travel stressfree?

Here at AEROX you will travel in your style as well as stressfree – we take care of your wellbeing!

We will circumnavigate you around crowded terminals, as well as time-consuming travel procedures. Your time as well as your relaxation is precious to us – we make it our focus. In addition, our service is topped by individual solutions – we think out of the box.

We can serve your needs all around the world – you will be amazed how innovative and satisfying our travel ideas are and how they will make you feel at ease, being able to remain in the moment and to focus on what is important to you. It will be hard for any travel guide to bring the same experience to you as we can do.

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