When your time is money …

Delays, bad or missed flight connections, overbooked planes and overcrowded terminals – this was yesterday.

As of today business travels with jet charters via AEROX will bring efficency to your corporate time and cost management as well as more flexibility to your time schedule.

Regardless whether you are travelling on business to Brussels for a morning meeting and continue onto Frankfurt for a sightseeing trip in the afternoon … we make this schedule happen!

We are your trusted partner to organise such travel plans – we monitor your travel schedule to keep it on track – so you can concentrate on the purpose of your travel – being relaxed on your track!

On the chosen private jets you travel, your management team and your delegation will be seated comfortably and travel safely to many international destinations. In addition, your time on board will be spent in an atmosphere catering for your business as well as private needs – your comfort and wellbeing is what we seek so that you can devote your time to the things that matter to you.

A worldwide charter, as well as service network, combined with a clear view on your budget are the foundation to cater to your individual needs. VIP service is treated with a special finesse at AEROX, topped with our passion for individual customer service.

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